Skill Training


As a renowned company to provide technical training in Central & East India we aim to prepare highly skill workforce for corporates by bridging the gap between industries need of practical experience & traditional education courses.

We make learners experience with real life technological problem statements so that they become able to deal with competence & master the fundamentals.


  • Experience & Qualified Trainers.
  • Hands on working
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Academic Partnership (IIT, NIT, Research Institutes)


  • 4000+learners benefited from our various programs.
  • Rural & Urban clients in portfolio.
  • Placement in numerous companies functioning on technology domain.


we cater our clients up-to professional expertise in various technology domain like

  • Professional Electronics.
  • VLSI & Embedded System
  • Wireless, Robotics, IOT etc.
  • Mechanical System Design.

Strategic content delivery for utilization of knowledge to ensure a promising & exciting career objective.